What is Animal Rendering?

Animal rendering takes leftover animal products that would be wasted and recycles them into valuable ingredients.  Billions of pounds of animal products that people do not eat (such as the bones, [...]


Cooking with Silicone Bakeware

Cooking with silicone bakeware is the newest baking trend.  Their bright colors attract attention, but their flimsiness raises a few questions about their stability.  That is why manufacturers [...]



Though silicon and silicone seem like the same word at first glance and are spelled almost the same way, these are two different words that refer to two complete different things. Silicon is a [...]


Advantages of Silicone Bakeware

Today, you can get muffin pans, Bundt pans, spatulas, baking mats, colanders, potholders, and even roasting pans made with a rubbery, brightly-colored material known as silicone.  It is a [...]

Foam Destroyer by TayChem

Let’s talk about Food Grade Foam Destroyer by TayChem Industries. In food-related processes, silicones are used in foam control agents.. Foam control is critical here as in many other [...]