Silicone Elastomers for Skin Care

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There are numerous skin care products on the market today that have some form of silicone in them.  Silicones perform many specialized and versatile roles in skin care products such as retaining moisture, protecting skin, and conveying a smooth, silky feel.  They can reduce the shine on oily skin and even minimize the appearance of surface wrinkles.

Common forms of silicone are cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexasiloxane, dimethicone and cyclomethicones.  You can identify silicones on a product label with “-cone”, “-conol”, or “-siloxane” endings.  Cyclomethicones evaporate quickly and act as a carrier to deliver other ingredients that are meant to be absorbed by the skin.  Dimethicones create a breathable, flexible film that allows the pigments to ride on the surface of the skin without absorbing.

Silicone elastomers are one of the newest and most rapidly growing classes of silicones.  Most luxury brands contain cyclomethicone and dimethicone in products to conceal wrinkles.  Clients love the products because they hide the telltale signs of aging quickly and effectively within minutes of application.  Wrinkles are permanent indentations in the skin that occur over time in the areas of the face that are stretched or compressed from facial expression.  The best way to conceal wrinkles is to apply products that reflect and scatter light.  Skin care products that contain elastomer silicone allow this so that the wrinkles seem to disappear!

Another benefit that silicone elastomer products offer is absorbing oil.  They have a distinctive feel on the skin that is described as dry, smooth, silky and powdery.

Some skin treatments are sold as small gelatin capsules that provide a single application when the capsule is broken.  The silicone elastomer acts as a delivery system for actives that are soluble in silicone, providing immediate and long-term age-defying benefits.

As technology continues to evolve, silicones will increasingly offer multifunctional, high performance properties, and we will continue to benefit from the unique ways they can improve our skin.  Call Taychem today to provide all your silicone needs.

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