Silicone is the Plastic Alternative

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Have you ever wondered if there was a plastic alternative for cooking utensils? Especially when you noticed pieces of plastic from them in your food.  Next time you buy a cooking utensil look for something made of silicone.  It is made from silica which is found in sand.  It is hot and cold resistant, durable and easy to cook with and doesn’t breakdown into pieces.

What is the difference between silicone and plastic?

Plastics are usually made from crude oil and converted into plastic by altering the oil’s carbon compounds. The additives to plastic, such as BPA, BPS, phthalates and microplastics, are bad for the planet and your health.

Silicone comes from silica which is found in sand and is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust!  It is a man-made polymer created from silicon, oxygen, and usually carbon and hydrogen.  Silicone has a wide array of properties and can be a liquid, gel, hard, soft, or rubber-like.

The difference is that silicone has a low reactivity with chemicals, high resistance to temperature, prohibits microbiological growth, and is resistant to UV light.  Silicone is easy to clean, great for cooking in the oven or microwave, perfect for hospitals, and a formidable alternative to plastics.  Silicone rubber doesn’t react with foods or beverages or produce any fumes.  It doesn’t contain any hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA or BPS.  Silicone products are a safer alternative than plastic.

A silicone product will last longer than a plastic before it’s unusable.  Plastic becomes scratched, with a melted edge and can break under too much pressure.  A silicone product has a longer durability and won’t break down or leach into your foods like plastic.

Millions of pieces of plastic trash have been blown, washed or dumped into our oceans.  It washes up on our beaches as garbage or causes harm to aquatic life.  Silicone is more environmentally friendly.

For these reasons’ silicone is a better choice than plastic.  Call TayChem Industries today for all your silicone needs.

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