Silicone Rubber Uses in Oil and Gas

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The oil and gas industry are vital to many industries and is a critical concern for many nations.  It is the raw material for many chemical products, including solvents, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic fragrances, and plastics.  Silicone rubber is important to the industry because of its unique properties.  The fact that it doesn’t have to be replaced for years is another benefit.  Silicone rubber reduces the amount of maintenance needed for the oil and gas machinery.

Silicone rubber has many appealing properties and features that make it perfect for the oil and gas industry.  Its extreme temperature and environmental resistance make it great for oil and gas construction.  These features cause increased efficiency, quality, and reliability.

The level of quality from health and safety equipment to maintenance and repairs must be of the highest order to ensure failure is reduced to a minimum.  Silicone rubber provides many appealing properties together with durable, highly resistant and flexible features.  The lifetime of the pipeline is increased with the inert properties and environmental resistance to UV and Ozone of silicone rubber.  These properties significantly reduce the risk of failure.

It’s ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures while maintaining its stability makes it an ideal solution for cooler environments as well as warmer climates within the oil and gas industry.  Silicone gaskets provide cushioning between the metal support bracket and pipeline, avoiding metal-on-metal contact.  This reduces vibration and the risk of damage if the pipeline moves.

Although silicone can withstand high heat, it also has excellent thermal insulation properties. Used to insulate pipelines, silicone sponge ensures controlled temperatures are maintained when running through cold environments. This, together with its ability to withstand a wide variety of temperature extremes, makes silicone rubber the ideal choice when it comes to solutions for the oil and gas industry.

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