What is Animal Rendering?

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Animal rendering takes leftover animal products that would be wasted and recycles them into valuable ingredients.  Billions of pounds of animal products that people do not eat (such as the bones, fat, blood, grocery scraps, used restaurant grease, some internal organs, etc.) is recycled into high-quality fat and protein products.  The rendering industry turns perishable material generated by livestock and poultry, food processing, supermarket and restaurant industries into valuable ingredients for paints and varnishes, cosmetics, toothpaste, soap, leather, textiles and lubricants.

Most of its finished products are returned to the feed industry in the form of high-energy fats and high-quality protein ingredients that supplement the diet and promote efficient production of beef, pork, poultry, veal and fish.  The pet industry profits by having a large variety of nutrient-rich and flavorful ingredients for food to nourish pets.

First the raw material is cut into small pieces and then transported to for fine shredding.  It is then cooked at 280 degrees for one hour. This process melts the meat away from bones and produces fat of yellow grease or tallow (animal fat) that rises to the top and is skimmed off.  Foam is generated during the process which reduces the production yields.  Taychem has defoamers for this that come in aqueous and non-aqueous type products.  The cooked meat and bone are sent to a hammermill press, which squeezes out the remaining moisture and pulverizes the product into a gritty powder.  Shaker screens remove excess hair and large bone chips.  Now the following three products are produced:

  • Recycled meat
  • Yellow grease (animal fat)
  • Bone Meal

Animal rendering is a green industry that protects the environment by recycling carbon and energy and allowing items such as byproducts to be utilized as valuable pet or livestock feed ingredients or bio-diesel rather than entering a landfill. Rendering is the most efficient and environmentally sound disposal alternative and has a low carbon footprint.


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