Dimethyl Silicone Fluids Properties

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Dimethyl silicone fluids are unlike other fluids.  Organic hydrocarbon fluids have a backbone of carbon-to-carbon atoms, while silicone fluids have a backbone of silicon-oxygen.  The Si-O linkages are like high-temperature inorganic materials such as glass, sand and quartz.  The bond energy of a silicon-oxygen bond is much greater than that of a carbon-carbon bond. This makes silicone much more stable and less susceptible to extreme temperatures, sheer stresses, chemicals and oxidation.

This unique chemical structure gives silicone fluids many properties which makes them suitable for many applications where other fluids won’t work.  Some of the extraordinary properties of dimethyl silicone fluids are:

  • Thermal Stability: Silicone fluids are extremely stable when exposed to high temperatures for extended lengths of time.
  • Chemical Inertness: Silicone fluids are chemically inert to most common materials of construction.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Low temperature limits and high temperature capabilities of silicone fluids far exceed those of conventional fluids.
  • Low Viscosity Temperature Range: Silicone fluids have less viscosity change over a wider temperature range than non-silicone fluids.
  • Thermal Conductivity: The thermal conductivity of silicone fluids over a wide temperature range is comparable to hydrocarbon fluids.
  • Non-Corrosive: Silicone fluids contain no acid producing chemicals to cause staining or corrosion.
  • Low Flammability: Flash points in the range of 400ºF to 500ºF and auto‐ignition temperatures in the range of 820ºF to 860ºF are typical for silicone fluids.
  • Low Surface Tension: Silicone fluids have unusually low surface tensions, which help provide easy and efficient spreading.
  • Lubrication Properties: Dimethyl fluids are the best lubricants in rubber or plastic‐to‐metal applications.
  • Oxidation Stability: The oxidation stability of silicone fluids is excellent.
  • Water Repellant: Silicone fluids are characterized by a very good water repellency.

Dimethyl silicone fluids are excellent for use as hydraulic or transformer oils, damping liquids, diffusion pump fluids, thermally resistant lubricants, dielectrics, defoamers and release agents for high-performance digital printing machines. They can also be used for water resistant treatment of glass and mineral wool. Other important applications are found in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the textile industry.

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