Why Use Silicone Windshield Wipers?

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Windshield wipers become damaged and worn out over time.  It is important to replace them whenever they start streaking or become dry and stiff.  Silicone replacement blades are a higher quality and better performing product than blades made from organic rubber.  These wipers use advanced technology to provide several benefits that that conventional rubber blades can’t offer.  What makes silicone windshield wipers better?

  • Silicone windshield wipers lasts longer. If you don’t change your windshield wiper blades, your windshield will be smeared, spotted and hard to see out of in inclement weather.  You will have to pull over when the weather gets bad and have a hard time seeing at night.  It can become a safety issue, if you don’t change your windshield wipers when they wear out.  Traditional wiper blades can wear out in a matter of months, while silicone blades last for years with no performance loss.
  • Silicone windshield wipers resist the weather elements. Wiper blades can wear out from usage and weather elements.  They can be damaged by water and snow, the very conditions they are designed to protect against.  UV exposure can cause cracking, spotting, and discoloration.  Silicone wipers are less affected by the elements and will usually last longer than rubber wiper blades.
  • Silicone windshield wipers perform better. – Silicone rubber mixed with graphite creates a rigid, yet flexible, non-stick surface that keeps its shape. Silicone wipers leave a slight residue on the windshield, allowing water to bead up and making it easier for the wipers to clear the window.  This also prevents the squeaking that can happen with traditional rubber wipers.  That means a cleaner wipe every time, and that translates to less spotting, less blurring, better visibility, more convenience and a safer vehicle.

Silicone windshield wipers have some good benefits that make them better than the traditional wiper blades.  The extra cost initially is cheaper than the cost of replacing the traditional wiper blades several times.

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