Silicone Uses in Aerospace

Silicone is ideal to use in many parts of the aerospace industry because it can withstand astonishing stress and temperature extremes.   Construction of aircraft requires light metals and aerodynamic construction of fuselages and wings.  Silicone delivers the strength, adhesion and durability needed in spacecraft.


Silicone adhesives and coatings cause exteriors to be more resistant to heat and cold, rain, wind, salt, abrasion, UV radiation and chemicals.  Joints last longer, and maintenance and repairs are less costly.  Silicone rubber is used in many tires to provide superior traction and longer wear life.  Silicone coatings allow tire manufacturers to get the tires out of the manufacturing molds easily.

Maintaining Pressure and Seals

When flying at extreme altitudes, it is always essential to maintain cabin pressure.  Depressurization makes it difficult to breath which can cause the pilot to become incapacitated resulting in the downing of the plane.  To prevent this, silicone is used in the construction of gaskets for cabin doors and windows.  Its ability to resist extreme temperatures and the ease with which it can be molded to fit tightly fitting shapes make it the perfect material.  Silicone gaskets around the windows and doors remain airtight while allowing plane doors to open and close easily.  The heat resistance of silicone makes it ideal for engine gaskets.

Cockpit Instruments and Electronics

Silicone seals protect printed circuit boards from excessive moisture and extreme temperature exposure.  Dust and the build-up of ice are problems for electrical systems in aircraft.  Silicone coatings act as a shield to protect wires and electrical components from being shorted.  It is ideal for this purpose because of silicone’s highly resistant sealing properties.  Silicone is resistant to biological growth or admittance, environmental conditions, high pressure, and the effects of compression.

Silicone plays an important role in aerospace.  Its versatility and flexibility make it ideal for helping to keep aircraft flying.

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