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Silicone has a variety of useful properties that make it widely used, including adhesion, insulation, flexibility, and low toxicity.  That it is heat resistant is one of the most important characteristics of silicone.  This allows silicone products to maintain their properties when exposed to either high or low temperatures.

Silicone is a polymer whose backbone consists of alternating atoms of silicon and oxygen.  Organic substituents are attached to the silicon atoms but the lack of carbon in the backbone of the chain makes silicone an unusual inorganic polymer.  It can exist as a resin, liquid, adhesive, elastomer, and grease.  Its inertness, resistance to water and oxidation, and stability at high and low temperatures has led to a wide range of commercial applications.

Why is silicone heat resistant?  Silicone has a low thermal conductivity, which means that heat transfers at a lower rate compared to other materials.  High thermal resistance is another way to describe low thermal conductivity.  It is resistant to extreme temperatures ranging from -100 to 300°C (-148 to 572°F).  Not only does silicone resist heat, it also exhibits thermal stability.  This allows it to maintain its properties and structure over a wide temperature range.

Silicone is heat resistant due to the highly stable chemical structure of silicone.  Silicone, also known as polysiloxane, is a polymer that includes any inert, synthetic compound made up of a chain of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen atoms called siloxane units.  They are combined with carbon, hydrogen, and sometimes other elements.  The tightly bonded repeating units of siloxane bonds is a highly stable formation that is partly responsible for silicone’s heat resistance.  The low levels of force between the molecules combined with its coiled structure provides resistance to low temperatures.  These characteristics of chemical structure are also responsible for other desirable properties of silicone.

Due to its versatile properties, including its heat resistant ability, silicone is used for a wide range of purposes.  Call Taychem today for all your silicone needs.

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