Silicones Role in Construction

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As you look at tall buildings, do you ever wonder how they can withstand extreme conditions and still be safe?  Silicone products play an important role in why the construction industry can build these engineering feats.  It is helping to shape the designs of today’s modern buildings.  Here are some of the ways silicone makes construction materials work better, for longer.

Benefits of Silicone:

  •  Silicone exterior paints and coatings reduce degradation from sun, salt, pollution, and age.
  • Silicone sealants ensure important structural materials stay in place when used in expansion, connection, construction and movement joints. This allows materials to absorb stress and movement caused by wind or earthquakes and adds flexibility to the building structures.
  • Silicones used in structural glazing protects and maintains the quality and appearance of the buildings. Silicone sealants and glazing insulate and protect glass panels in buildings from UV rays.  They reinforce the attachment of the glass to the frame, and their flexibility and temperature resistance help tall buildings stay in place.
  • Silicones help in restoring old buildings and landmarks. It enables a structure to be restored without compromising the appearance or integrity of the original material.  It can reinforce old joints and structures or add water repellency to porous limestone and sandstone.
  • Silicone sealants make buildings more energy efficient by preventing humidity and hot or cold air from coming inside through joints and cracks.
  • Silicones surfactants on polyurethane panels improve insulation and energy efficiency without compromising surface quality.
  • Silicone surfactants are added to polyurethane foams used to insulate buildings. This gives the foam better insulation value and higher foam coverage reducing energy use for greater energy efficiency.

The next time you look at a city skyline or tall building, think about the role silicones have played to make it possible.  Call Taychem for all your silicone product needs.

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