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Countries around the world come together at the Olympics to compete against each other in various sports.  Bobsledders, ice skaters, skiers, snowboarders, and curlers are constantly looking for ways to enhance their performance and win the gold.  Silicone plays an important role in helping them to achieve an Olympic medal.

Silicone technology enables the textile industry to create high performance and intelligent fabrics which are used in athletic wear.  Silicone has useful characteristics such as resistance to sunlight, moisture, chemicals and age.  It is used as a seam sealer, moisture wicker, to repel water, prevent wrinkles, and increase resiliency and elasticity.  The silicone coating in fabric makes it breathable and comfortable.

Here are a few examples of where silicones help Olympic athletes perform at the highest level:

  • Clothing:Silicone finishes in clothing materials and fabrics used for sportswear keeps clothes soft and dry, yet resistant to fading from sun exposure. Skin-compatible silicone rubber makes clothing water-repellent, abrasion-resistant, elastic, fade-resistant and wrinkle-free all while keeping athletes comfortable and dry.
  • Protective gear:Silicone materials are found in helmets, masks, goggles, and face guards that help to protect athletes against injury in sports such as skiing, ice skating, and bobsledding.  Special silicone gel cushions can act as shock absorbers for protective equipment, which can help to reduce the risk of injury for athletes.
  • Equipment: Silicone materials in helmets, goggles, masks and face guards can also help to protect athletes against the elements in sports such as bobsledding, skiing and ice skating.   Silicone wax is applied to skis and snowboards for speed and high jumps on the courses
  • Facilities:Silicone sealants are used throughout the arenas to fill and seal gaps.  This enables the operations to run more energy efficiently and allows ice arenas to maintain their temperatures easier.

The unique properties of silicone help athletes around the world enhance their performance as they complete in the Olympics.  The highly specialized materials developed with silicones help support athletes reach their goals around the world.

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