Water Repellant For Clothing

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TayChem WR-200, a water repellant for clothing and fabrics:

  • Replacement for fluorochemicals when used for water repellency.
  • Special Characteristics:  Film former; low viscosity; rapid cure at atmospheric conditions; curable coating adheres to fabric substrate; lends to aerosol and other types of packaging; no additional curing mechanism required; durable to washing/weather/surroundings; easy application; immediate fabric/clothing usage.
  • Designed to impart water repellency to outdoor clothing, such as blue jeans, coats, and boots, as well as outdoor gear produced using fabric that is typically hydrophilic in nature.  Also includes water repellency to other types of clothing where fluorochemicals are utilized.
  • Available in 55-gallon drums (recommended dilution to 10% to 20% actives using appropriate, non-polar, organic solvent) or in aerosol containers (ready-to-use).


Please contact TayChem at our toll-free number of (866) 794-0004 for assistance.
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